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The purpose of this website is to identify and describe the main physical types that have played a role in forming Europeís population, as well as to serve as an aid for those interested in the taxonomy of living Europeans.

The site proposes a classification system that its author has developed, partly from correcting and putting to test the one presented by Carleton Coon in his book The Races of Europe, so it is† recommended to read Carleton Coonís book to better understand the system used here.

Emphasis has been placed on finding correct examples of the types covered, as well as on composing a coherent system which outlines the most important differences and thus successfully answers to the European continentís complex morphological reality.

If you are new to Physical Anthropology or if this is the first time you visit EMS, it is recommended that you start by reading this page in order to better understand the work done here.

A complete download of this site is also available.

European Morphology Site

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